After Care Checklist

tickHave your dentures checked each year

tickClean after every meal

tickCheck for adjustments* required after your service


Looking after your Dentures..

     Caring for your denture is very simple

After each meal the denture should be removed from the mouth
and cleaned with a soft brush and soap.

Tooth paste and other abrasive agents should not be used as these may scratch the denture.
Soak your denture once a week in a commercial cleanser or alternatively make your own. home made denture cleaner

This solution helps to remove mineral deposit build-up on dentures which occurs particularly in the upper molar region and the inside flange of the lower front teeth. These areas are more prone to mineral build-up as they are adjacent to the salivary glands.

Please note - you should always clean your denture over a basin half filled with water or a towel or flannel to reduce the likelihood of damaging your denture should you accidently drop it.

It is surprising how many repairs are the result of being dropped whilst cleaning them in the shower!

Speak to us for more information about denture after care by phoning 4191 4333