Paul L. Geeves, a quiet achiever from Tasmania, is a perfectionist in the field of Dental Prosthetics.

Paul states, “Quality materials, comfort and satisfaction with aesthetic appeal are the basis on which Dentures’ philosophy and operating protocols have evolved.”

With more than 40 years of professional practice as a Dental Prosthetist and Dental Technician, Paul has the experience to guarantee a quality product. Paul’s wide-ranging experience has included working in Oral Health Services Tasmania, while also training dental technicians, therapists and new graduates.

His professional input is regularly sought by oral surgeons devising treatment plans for dentally compromised cases and surgical aesthetics in immediate denture construction.

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Paul Geeves


To ensure that the client receives the best possible result, Paul regularly attends professional development courses and product and procedure workshops. Past conferences and workshops have included Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns, Bali and Germany.

He is constantly sourcing appropriate denture materials to ensure a high standard of quality-controlled teeth products and materials.


Bridgit Jones looks after the admistration side of Dentures Clinic.  She will guide you through the processes and requirements of denture care.  Bridgit is originally from New Zealand with experience in marketing and public relations. 

Bridgit Jones